About Us

LightHouse professionally fulfills all lighting technical needs and instantly cuts lighting costs for your company by at least 10% without any investments and unnecessary risks. Meaning, using Lighting as a Service doesn’t cost you anything. We split existing cash flow, that goes to electricity suppliers, meanwhile your investment is 0 EUR. You are getting better, greener and more energy efficient LED lighting with 100% guaranteed savings and no maintenance costs. Plus, we offer online monitoring that ensures an absolute transparency of our actions.


LightHouse aims to be Lighting as a Service market leader in Europe by providing the most efficient LED technology and combining hands on attitude based on the experience of our employees.


Our mission is to accelerate customers’ transition to the most efficient LED lighting technology at zero investment and no hassle. It’s important for us to enlighten society, literally, on LED technology and how to decrease energy consumption.

Our values

Team work
The people – bright individuals with high qualification skills who are always on a search for the best solutions for clients. Advanced LED technology skills provided by our experts make things happen in the most efficient way.

Pro-active approach
Efficiency and speed for each individual case.

Up to date business thinking
Progressive and open-minded management and hands on attitude.

Transparency policy
Online platform with high precision electricity monitoring meters with availability for our clients.

Result-oriented mindset
Our business partners value results of our collaboration. Our basic principle is trustfullness, we promise – we do.