What’s the catch? Will I pay less today than yesterday?

Yes, that’s the point. As soon as you change your lighting to LED, you can cut your electricity cost by up to 5 times. Meaning, we’re doing all the work and investing in new LED lighting whereas in return on a contract basis we get a percentage of your savings. In addition, we cut your maintenance costs by 100% , meaning you won’t have to change lamps by yourself.

How much does Lighting as a Service cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything. We split existing cash flow that currently goes to electricity suppliers, meanwhile your investment is 0 EUR. You are getting better, greener and more energy efficient LED lighting and 100% guaranteed savings with no maintenance costs. Plus, online monitoring and reporting on 24/7 basis for providing a full transparency of the process.

Can I monitor my energy consumption?

Yes, you can. RCG-Lighthouse uses portable electricity meters free of charge with the highest precision that can be installed on wires without any interruption of a lighting process as such. With a help of online data we can constantly look for yet new ways for cutting your electricity costs.

Where do RCG-Lighthouse manufactures their LED’s?

We are collaborating with the largest and best known manufacturers from Asia, all our products are shipped directly from there. Our key suppliers are Citizen, Samsung, Mitsubishi, MeanWell, Lifud and other well-known component providers for LED lighting systems corresponding to our technical requests. In order to ensure high quality standards we collaborate with a certified lighting test laboratory.

Can I change old lighting system to LED myself?

You might succeed with installing LED lighting yourself, that’s for sure. Here’s a list of things you ought to do: finding a trustful LED supplier with a certificated product, installing lighting, maintenance, lux measurements on a regular basis, submetering, keeping an eye on net savings aka cash-flow, balancing sheet impact, taking into account different risks such as technical, operational and financial, performing lab tests, covering insurance costs, counting all the savings and fulfilling off-balance sheet by taking into consideration accounting impact.

LED’s are quite different from all other gas discharged lamps such as fluorescent or metal halide. There are much more details worth taking into consideration and a very specific skill set is required. RCG-Lighthouse works towards making the perfect lamp – that is the most energy efficient and long lasting. Many of our clients appreciate an increase in a cash flow thanks to LaaS. Additionally, we provide a full guarantee for our lamps. RCG Lighthouse is providing a maintenance service during a whole period of a deal without any additional costs. Meaning, if something goes wrong – we will take all responsibility and fix/arrange everything within days.

Is there any guarantee for the installed LED lights?

Absolutely. With LaaS there’s a full guarantee about every component in the lighting system for duration of our contract (5-year contracts are the most common ones). If something goes wrong with upgraded lights – RCG Lighthouse takes all the responsibility and eliminates the broken parts within days. You’re paying only for the lighting – not the lights themselves – we do everything, so no headache for you.

What if I’m a tenant – can I upgrade to LED?

Sure. Lighting as a service (LaaS) is an option for rented spaces too. Conditions for a contract are still the same – profit increase at zero cost. There are a few options, most common are the following – either a lighting system can remain at the building you’re moving out or it’s possible to relocate it to your new place. Moreover, we’d be happy to help with that. At the end of a day, it’s a tenant who pays for the electricity bills.

What happens with the lighting system after agreement expires?

It is yours. No matter for how long you decide to use our services, you can consider the lighting system as your own and after the agreement expires it automatically passes on to your ownership.

Is LED sustainable?

High quality LEDs have no UV radiation, no extra noise and less heat radiation,  consequently working conditions at premises improve.

LED is a completely different and advanced technology – there’re light emitting diodes in contrast of gas discharge. LED technology is much greener, safer and above all – energy efficient due to a cutting edge technology of light emitting diodes unlike gas discharge in simple bulbs. RCG Lighthouse main focus is the use of the most efficient LED lighting that provides efficiency of over 180 lm/W according to laboratory tests. In comparison, majority of available LEDs in the stores can deliver only about 100 lm/W.

What’s LED life expectancy – you may ask. LED lighting is a long lasting technology. Sure thing, as every bulb, LED isn’t perpetuum mobile, it has it’s own overtime loss on lighting output. Interesting fact to keep in mind – gas discharged bulb loses up to 50% of their output in the first 1-2 years while LED is losing only 3%.

You have me on board – what’s next?

A. Start or audit first

First, apply for a free lighting audit. This is how it works: RCG Lighthouse will get in touch with you and perform an audit at your premises, in order for being able to see the exact saving you will get after upgrading your lighting system to LEDs.

B. Do I need to be a tech expert?

Basically, any person at your company who has something to do with cost of electricity, lighting maintenance or just feels there is a need for a more sustainable approach for energy consumption, can apply for a free lighting audit.

C. How long is the Lighting as a Service (LaaS) agreement last?

Usually, it’s a period of 3 – 5 years, including all services such as setting up energy efficient lighting system, adaptation to a bulb design at the premises, bulbs and maintenance themselves. And yet, we are quite flexible when it comes to the specifics of a company or industry. Feel free to contact us and we will definitely find a more suitable business solution.  

D. How long does it take to implement LED lighting?

It depends on how much time does it take for our customer to make a decision. As soon as everything is agreed upon – we will do a lighting audit, calculation, project preparation, LED implementation by ourselves in the most efficient way. RCG Lighthouse team adapts to the specifics of each industry, meaning we are capable of doing installations during a night time in order not to disturb a workflow of our business partners.

I’m using LED lighting but I’d like to get some consulting

As our focus is on energy efficiency – we do provide consulting services. Results have shown, even changing old LEDs to more efficient LEDs it is possible to cut at least 50% of a cost.

How much do you overspend on your electricity provider?